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Kristen and Lawrence J Clark PhD






Kristen and Lawrence J. Clark, PhD

Here’s Our Current Promotion:

Free Webinar, “7 Secrets of Super Successful Sales Webinar Superstars” and free 5-part e-course, “How to Make Money with Webinars.”

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Your commission:

50% on this product AND anything else your referral purchases from us in the next 3 years!


Main Offer: “Webinar Profits Academy”

4-Week Persuasive Webinar Course

+ 8 Weeks of Group Coaching Calls = 12 Weeks of In-Depth Training!


Price Point:

($1497, Special Webinar Only Price of $997)

And . . . did I mention your commission is a whopping 50%?

In case you didn’t quite get that point yet, your commission is a whopping 50%, PLUS ALL AFFILIATES (regardless of your list size or number of sales generated) WILL RECEIVE:

  • Free enrollment to Webinar Profits Academy
  • 1-hour private coaching session with Dr. Lawrence J. Clark (yup, that’s a personal call with me!)


So . . . I’m sure you’re thinking,  “What Does Webinar Profits Academy Include?”


Well, good thing you asked!

Here’s what your folks (and you) will get:

4-week Persuasive Webinar Course

(2 hrs. X 4 sessions = 8 hrs. of live training–includes persuasion strategies, sales psychology, building authority and credibility, structuring your webinar, creating rapport and interaction with your audience, maintaining interest, creating desire for your product, planting seeds, creating an irresistable offer, building up to and delivering your call to action, and much more)

8 Weeks of Follow-up Group Coaching with

  • Implementation Strategies
  • Hot Seat Critique Sessions
  • Two 30-minute sessions of one-to-one coaching with Dr. Lawrence J. Clark (yup, that’s directly with me!)
  • Unlimited email support 
    • Digital copy AND printed copy of Webinar Millionaires book (over 500 pages of interviews with 15 Sales Webinar Superstars)

Plus . . . Webinar Millionaires Interviews:

  •  2 hrs. audio collection with “best of” excerpts of interviews with 15 of the world’s top webinar experts
  • 25 pg. PDF version of the “best of” mp3s
  • 1 hr. video recording of “7 Secrets of Super Successful Sales Webinar Experts” webinar


Plus . . . 4 (count ’em–that’s F-O-U-R) AWESOME bonuses (check out #4!):

  • BONUS #1: Webinar Millionaire Template Checklists and Reports
    • “Golden Nuggets From Webinar Experts” (PDF)
    • “Webinar Creation Checklist” (PDF)
    • “Marketing Your Webinar to the Right Audience” (PDF)
    • Webinar Millionaire Does and Donts (PDF)


  • Bonus #2: Daniel Hall’s Secret Sales Webinar Template (priceless!)
  • Easy-Peasy PowerPoint Template–fill in your product info w/features and benefits and you can begin creating your own webinars immediately!
  • Bonus #3: Interview with Geoff Ronning, Founder of Stealth Seminar
    • Geoff reveals his secret persuasive strategies that have made him millions of dollars
    • Discover the power and profit potential of automated and hybrid webinars

Plus . . . (I warned you) Super-Duper Bonus #4: “Real Fast Influence and Persuasion”  ($497 value)

  • Over 10 hrs. of Video-based instruction by Daniel Hall and Dr. Lawrence J. Clark
  • (NOTE: Real Fast Influence and Persuasion is an incredible course just in itself; if you’d like to promote this course instead of Webinar Profits Academy, call or send me an email and I’ll tell you how: lawrence@TheCommunicationLeader.com or 713-376-2494)


Module 1:1 You’ll discover how to:

Increase you credibility and authority

Use statistics and logic to your advantage

Create emotion in the hearts and mind of the people reading/hearing your sales messages



Module 1:2 Discover and Master Psychological Sales Strategies

How giving first is one of the most powerful yet under-used strategies

How helping people feel a sense of belonging and community will keep them coming back for more and more

How to increase your trust and likeability

How to create a sense of urgency so people will want to BUY NOW!


Module 2:1 Discover and strategically use the 4 basic personality types

Strengths, weaknesses, & basic needs of each type

Understand the 3 basic learning styles

How people learn best through their dominant learning style


Module 2:2 How to use your knowledge of people’s learning styles and personality types so you can:

Give them the information THEY need to make a decision

Help them UNDERSTAND that information

Help them feel understood and respected

So they will want to buy from YOU!


Module 3:1 Learn the 3 Dimensions of your prospect’s mind

Help prospect understand how YOUR product or service can:

Fulfill his or her dominant desire or urgent need, or

Solve his or her biggest problem

YOU become the HERO and create a life-long, stark raving fan who will gladly broadcast to others how his or her life has been changed

Problem has been solved bYOUR product or service! 


Module 3:2 Discover How to Master “Win-Win” Negotiation Strategies

Discover the same strategies used by high-powered attorneys, professional mediators and business tycoons

Great for negotiating Joint Venture deals!

But do it in a way that EVERYBODY wins!


Module 4:1 Discover how to create persuasive, high-converting, profit-generating Sales Webinars

Get a copy of Daniel’s proven, profit-pulling sales webinar template


Module 4:2 Discover a simple to use, yet complete, customer-centered Sales System

How to present and deliver your pitch

How to determine what people REALLY want

How to build rapport with your prospect

What to say

How and when to say it


Module 4:3 Build and influence an email list


How to influence them to know, like and trust you so they will BUY from YOU

Discover Daniel’s secret 3-prong approach



 2) Upsell #1: Persuasion Doctor Webinar Diagnosis and Treatment

($1997 value, Special OTO Price of $497)


Contains everything listed above, PLUS:

  • Personal critique of 60-90 min. live webinar
  • Written notes and personalized “Persuasion Doctor” prescription for improved delivery, persuasion, and conversion potential
  • 1 hr. post-webinar phone consultation


3) Upsell #2: Dr. Clark’s Complete “Done for You” Webinar Creation Service

($4997 Value, Special OTO Price of $3997)


Contains everything listed above PLUS:

10 hours live or phone consultation–can be used for:

  • initial strategy consultation
  • webinar idea generation
  • target market analysis
  • editing or writing of webinar script
  • “Persuasion doctor” diagnosis and treatment of current webinar script/slides
  • creating, evaluating, tweaking, etc. of PowerPoint slides
  • post-webinar critique
  • revision of script or slides
  • anything else that is needed!
  • Unlimited email support

Complete audio of 18 hours of interviews with 15 webinar experts

Digital transcripts of the complete interview series

Signed, physical copy of “Webinar Millionaires” book


So I’m sure you’re wondering . . . how do I get in on the fun (and the training and the profits)?


5 Simple Steps for You!

To add your affiliate ID and earn (yes, a whopping) 50% commission on each sale, follow these 5 simple steps:


1) Click here to fill out our Affiliate Sign-up Form (if you haven’t already done so)


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4) Copy and paste that entire link into your browser to make sure it works; it should take you to http://webinarmillionaires.com/

NOTE: You may want to shorten that link using a service such as bit.ly.com or tinyurl.com, but this is not required. If you do shorten the link, double-check to make sure it works.


5) Copy the “swipe” email below (you may want to personalize it a bit), include your affiliate link in the email (replace http://WebinarMillionaires with your unique affiliate link), and send to your email list.


And that’s it!  Anyone you refer will then be tagged in our system, so whether they purchase Webinar Profits Academy now or something else down the road, you will receive a commission on their purchase for the next THREE YEARS.  How cool is that? :)


Email Swipe Files



Dear Friend,

It seems like everyone and their second cousin is doing webinars these days; and for good reason.  If created, promoted, and delivered properly, webinars can bring in a lot, a lot, a lot of money.  But if created, promoted, or delivered poorly, they can flop faster than the latest Hollywood would-be blockbuster.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably watched dozens or even hundreds of webinars on everything from health and fitness, personal development, internet marketing, etc.

But have you ever wondered why some people seem to make tons of money every time they do a webinar, while others can barely get anyone to attend their webinars, much less buy their product or service at the end?

Well, if you’re one of those people who are struggling, I have some good news for you.

My good friend, university professor and really smart guy, Dr. Lawrence J. Clark, has spent the last couple of years researching the persuasive language and sales psychology strategies used by the world’s leading experts in the sales webinar industry.

Yes, the good Dr. Clark has spent hundreds of hours interviewing the top experts, reading their books, taking their courses and watching and analyzing their webinars, and producing several dozen webinars of his own.  Combine all this with over 25 years in copywriting, public relations, and advertising, as well as teaching thousands of business owners and university students and faculty to write and speak persuasively, and I’d say he’s learned a few things in the process!

Thankfully, he’s decided to unveil the best “golden nuggets” from his research in a brand new webinar that is coming up very soon.  He’s also developed his own group and individual coaching and “Done for You” webinar services based on his years of research, his own experiences hosting webinars, and all the secret strategies he gathered while interviewing all of those experts.


By the way, here’s a complete list of all the experts he interviewed; I’m sure you’ll recognize a few webinar superstars in this crowd, and if you don’t, just Google them and see what an interesting and successful lot they are!

Tom Antion

Marc Bullard

Jeanette Cates

Cathy Demers

Jason Fladlien

Daniel Hall

Mark Hendricks

Jeff Herring

Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins

Tony Laidig

Eric Lofholm

Colin Martin

Lon Naylor

David Perdew

Geoff Ronning

Somehow, Dr. Clark was able to use his superior persuasion skills (he does have a PhD in persuasive rhetoric, by the way) to get these Uber-Successful webinar experts to reveal their most closely guarded persuasion methods and secret sales psychology strategies that cause enormous numbers of people to click that “buy” button at the end of their webinars.


Wouldn’t you like to know some of those secret techniques and strategies so you could use them in your own webinars?

How much more money do you think you could make if you followed some of their methods and systems?

And not to be a downer or anything, but how much would you lose if you didn’t bother to learn these proven methods?

The great news is that Dr. Clark has prepared a special webinar for you, “7 Secrets of Super Successful Sales Webinar Superstars,” in which he will reveal several of these closely guarded profit-producing strategies, and he’s going to share them for free.


And although I think he’s crazy for giving away so much, Dr. Clark insisted on also gifting everyone who registers for the webinar a free copy of his 5-part e-course, “How to Make Money with Webinars.”  I would absolutely grab this one before he changes his mind . . .

If you haven’t already discovered, webinars are one of the key tools that have helped many entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, small business owners, non-profit organizations, and even artists and musicians to spread the word about their products and services and make more money than they ever dreamed possible.  That’s why I want you to learn how to do them too, or if you’re already using webinars or have tried them in the past, to discover how to make them more engaging, persuasive, and profitable.

Simply click on the “register” link to save your seat. But don’t hesitate; register now, as seats are limited and are already filling up quickly.

Go to http://WebinarMillionaires now and register–you’ll be glad you did!



NOTE: Follow-up email sequence coming soon!