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Webinar Offer

If you’ve never created or delivered a webinar, this special package will get you started in the right direction.  If you’ve already tried doing webinars or even if you do them regularly, be sure to read and listen carefully, as you’ll probably discover more than a few “Golden Nuggets” that you can put into practice to start increasing conversions and profits right away!

Simply right click the links below to save each file to your hard drive, then read and listen to them over and over again!

Here’s your copy of Dr. Clark’s “Webinar Millionaire Starter Pack”


How to Market Your Webinar to the Right Audience(PDF)

Webinar Creation Checklist(PDF)

Webinar Millionaire Dos and Donts(PDF)

15 Golden Nuggets from Super Successful Sales Webinar Experts(PDF)

LIVE Training Webinar, “7 Secrets of Super Successful Sales Webinar Superstars” (see email for registration instructions)


Ready to take the next step?

SPECIAL Unannounced BONUS #1: Listen to These Highlights from Interviews for Dr. Lawrence J. Clark’s upcoming “Webinar Profits” book and “Webinar Profits Academy” online course!


Interview with Daniel Hall: Reciprocity, Scarcity, and Consistency



Interview with Jeff Herring: On Being Imperfect, and the Importance of Getting to Know and Interacting with Your Audience


Interview with Colin Martin: Audience Participation, Social Proof, Positive Affirmations, and Why Dating Advice Works for Webinars


Interview with Tony Laidig: The Importance of Storytelling to Build Relationships in Webinars


SPECIAL Unannounced BONUS #2:

Check your email for the first installment of Dr. Clark’s 5-part course, “How to Make Money with Webinars,”  your extra special free gift to help you get started promoting your products and services, growing your list, and attracting high-dollar clients using simple yet profitable educational webinars.